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The book, Regulating Lobbying:A Global Comparison, has already received rave reviews, here are just a few:

The first and only book of its kind, this comprehensive assessment of lobbying regulations around the globe explains not only the who's and the why's of the lobbying equation but also gives a very useful description of what regulations are in place in different countries across the globe. The book will be recognized as the single best resource for anyone interested in the topic of the regulation of lobbying or political transparency. Through painstaking research in many countries, including national systems as well as sub-national units such as the American states, Canadian provinces, and German Lander, the authors explain and describe the nature of lobbying regulations wherever they are found. They then compare systems with low, moderate, and high degrees of lobbying regulation, explaining the most important outcomes associated with increased lobbying regulation as well as the potential dangers of poorly designed regulation systems. It is a major contribution to the literature and a very impressive accomplishment to put all this information in a single volume. It will be the definitive book on the topic for years to come.

- Frank R. Baumgartner,
Richard J. Richardson Distinguished Professor of Political Science
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This state-of-the-art discussion of lobbying regulation brings much needed light to the development of 'sunshine' laws in many countries. Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of good governance and the broad comparative sweep and in-depth survey of citizen attitudes it contains makes this book a mandatory read for anyone interested in understanding and improving contemporary democratic practices.

- Michael Howlett,
Burnaby Mountain Professor
Department of Political Science
Simon Fraser University and
Visiting Professor
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
National University of Singapore

This is an outstanding product of painstaking global comparative research on the regulation of lobbying. The authors have gathered an impressive array of data covering every country in the world that has established lobbying regulation, including a comparative examination of the views of key agents involved and taxonomy of existing political systems. This is the most thorough analysis of lobbying regulation to date, a book that was long due and promises to define the subject for a long time.

- George Pagoulatos
Associate Professor
Athens University of Economics and Business
Visiting Professor
College of Europe, Bruges.

We've needed a book like this for some time. It's both a very thorough survey and a thought-provoking analysis of lobbying regulations in federal and unitary states alike. The authors say that their book constitutes "a thorough comparative examination of extant lobbying regulations around the world" and this is exactly what they give us. But there is more. This is not just a robust piece of academic research. It actually offers advice for policy makers required to design a system of lobbying regulation. So now there's no excuse: read Chari et al. if you want to find out which state has done what to regulate its lobbyists and why, and how and which regulatory systems should be put in place by those wanting to do so.

- Dr Stephen Stacey
General Manager
Government and Technical Affairs
Toyota Motor Europe, SA/NV

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